Treasury software has been stagnant for decades –we're rebuilding it from the ground up.

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We are enabling Europe’s most innovative companies to automate their money movement & access consolidated financial data. We do this by providing two tools: an API any developer can integrate within minutes and a dashboard that gives finance & treasury teams full overview and control. On the back of it—hidden in plain sight—we manage a network of connections to the traditional financial services industry that makes it all possible.
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Our co-founders Joel, Johannes & Joel
We are based out of Stockholm.
Joel Wägmark, Johannes Elgh and Joel Nordström, the three founders of Atlar.

Our Story

European businesses handle bank payments of an estimated €260 trillion annually. The crazy part? Most of it is still done manually or through in-house built software that connects directly to the banks’ cash management channels. For most businesses, building internal infrastructure to automate payments and access bank data real time across banking partners is just too high – it eats up capital, time, and deviates focus away from building core products. However, solving treasury the right way is impossible without solving the underlying connectivity first. This is painful for any company, but especially so for companies that move money as a core part of their business: marketplaces facilitating payments between buyers and sellers, lenders handing out loans and collecting repayments, insurance companies disbursing claims and collecting premiums, brokerage platforms handling deposits and turning them into investments... We could go on, but you get the point.

To help them solve this, we set out to build the Treasury Operating System that enables automated money movement & access to consolidated real time financial data directly at your banks, so any company that moves money as part of their business can focus on exactly that - their business - instead of building mission critical financial infrastructure.

If you’d like to join us in getting rid of this burden from some of the most innovative companies globally, or if you work at one of those companies - reach out, we’d love to hear from you.
co-founders of Atlar

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