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We're changing the way businesses manage money.

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Atlar helps modern finance teams manage money. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden and backed by Index Ventures, Atlar provides businesses with the tools to get real-time financial visibility, move money efficiently, and make better decisions.

Atlar co-founders Joel Wägmark, Johannes Elgh, and Joel Nordström in Stockholm
Atlar co-founders Joel, Johannes, and Joel

Our story

Managing money as a consumer today is seamless while for businesses things have barely changed in decades. Consumer volumes are a fraction of the $280 trillion that businesses move every year. This is the lifeblood of companies and economies and it relies on a patchwork of legacy systems that are slow, complex, and inefficient.

Billions get stuck in payment systems or siloed away in corporate bank accounts. Billions are misallocated or lost due to fraud and errors with poor controls.

The Treasury Management System that's often used for this critical work was released 20 years before smartphones. Today they still talk to your banks over file exchanges, come with static modules, and take years and teams of consultants to implement. 80% of time and energy is spent on maintaining the system… and all of that effort for outdated reports and payments that take a day or two to arrive.

The alternative is to manage it all manually in spreadsheets and bank portals. Many finance teams devote hours to pulling, updating, and distributing data – then even more hours to fix manual errors and find missing transactions.

Some of the most business-critical tasks are being performed in legacy software, or none at all. Businesses leave billions on the table due to inefficiency, low visibility, and poor decisions. Billions that could have been saved or created in additional value.

Finance's toolkit is due an upgrade, but uprooting legacy technology requires a new approach. Atlar is changing the way businesses manage money. Inspired by Atlas, we’ve made it our mission to help finance teams do the heavy lifting that keeps companies and economies running.

Atlar helps modern finance teams manage money. Teams can unify financial data, analyze cash flow, and manage payments in real time – all on one platform. A single place for all things money that connects to everywhere and is up and running in weeks, not months or years.

With the right tooling, finance teams can save hours on admin work, improve security, and make better decisions. A world where billions move in real time with minimal fraud, where billions are automatically reinvested in growth. A world where $280 trillion flows efficiently and securely.

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Innovative scale-ups and industry leaders use Atlar to modernize how they move and manage money. Interested in helping us redefine an industry? Join our world-class team.

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