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Treasury software has been stagnant for decades – we're rebuilding it from the ground up.

Want to build it with us? We’re hiring.

Atlar is powering a new, modern way of doing treasury. We enable innovators and industry leaders to automate money movement and centralize financial data, both through an API that takes minutes to integrate and a dashboard that puts finance teams in control. Our core platform lets customers connect to the world's financial infrastructure and makes it all possible.

Atlar co-founders Joel, Johannes, and Joel

Our story

European businesses move around €260 trillion each year. This is the real lifeblood of our economy: salaries, supplier payments, account transfers, loans, investments, and the list goes on. The crazy part? The way this money moves fundamentally hasn't changed in decades, even as consumer technology and the underlying financial infrastructure has evolved around it.

Most of it is moved manually, in bank portals and spreadsheets, or through in-house software. The cost of building this software and hooking it up to your banks is high and crucially it diverts resources away from the core business. For too long the only alternative has been a legacy treasury system that takes years to integrate, a full team to operate, and isn't compatible with the rest of the finance stack. And so most companies stick to manually transferring files and logging numbers in a spreadsheet with all the associated risks and inefficiencies.

As consumers we can pay, invest, and manage our money more seamlessly than ever. Meanwhile the day-to-day of treasury management, the lifeblood of our economy, is stuck in the past.

Treasury is overdue an upgrade and Atlar exists to make it happen, setting finance teams free to move €260 trillion more efficiently and securely through our economy each year.

If you'd like to join us in powering a new, modern way of doing treasury that we think finance teams deserve, or if you're on one of those teams, then reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

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We're building a new, modern treasury platform for the world's most innovative companies, letting them focus on what they do best. Interested in rebuilding treasury with us? Join our world-class team.

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