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Streamlined money management at scale

Lead your finance team into a new era with modern tooling that lets you get up and running in weeks, not months or years

Automation that moves the back office forward

Atlar increases your team’s impact by automating routine admin work and, unlike legacy treasury software, doesn’t require months of IT support to get going. Leverage a platform with the robust controls you need – but that’s easy to implement, intuitive to use, and always improving with new products and features.

Real-time connectivity from bank to ERP

Increase efficiency with a central platform that receives and normalizes financial data in real time and unifies money movement globally. Atlar integrates with your banks, payment providers, and finance tools and syncs reliably with your ERP – making file transfers, incomplete data, and latency issues a thing of the past.

Collaborate with complete control

Manage bank access rights, user roles, and approval workflows from one central dashboard with full audit trails. Atlar enforces strict security and reliability protocols throughout our products and infrastructure including strong encryption, continuous backups, and SAML and API key authentication.

How Loomis Pay saved 120 hours / week by centralizing treasury with Atlar

Loomis Pay, the payments arm of publicly listed Loomis, replaced its outdated treasury software with Atlar – automating close to 100% of daily payments and eliminating repetitive admin work.

Track cash positions in real time

See 100% of your cash in one consolidated, global view with data received continuously from your banks, ERP, payment provider, and other finance tools in real time.

Move money from any bank account

Manage all your bank payments in one single dashboard that syncs with your ERP, no need for multiple logins. Minimize errors with built-in approval workflows and role-based access controls.

Analyze cash flow in seconds

User-friendly analytics features let you create custom reports from day one. Easily export your reports and save them as dynamic views that update automatically as new data is received.

Simplify reporting and reconcilation

Accelerate accounts payable and receivable processes with normalized bank and ERP data in one view. Invoices and transactions are automatically reconciled with your bank statements.

Forward-thinking teams choose Atlar

Innovative scale-ups and industry leaders use Atlar to automate manual work, run more efficient businesses, and achieve faster growth.

How Sellpy saved 60 hours / week and connected all bank accounts globally with Atlar
Loomis Pay centralizes payments and financial data with Atlar, saving 120 hours / week
How fundcraft transformed its operations and user experience with real-time bank data

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