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Cash management

Manage all your cash in one place

Understand your cash better, put it to more efficient use, and save hours every month by managing cash in a single platform that syncs with all your banks and ERP.

Over €850 million monthly transaction volume
Loomis Pay

A consolidated view of your cash in seconds

Atlar continuously receives and normalizes data from your banks and payment providers so you can monitor your cash positions in real time. Easily push data to ERPs like NetSuite, internal systems, or export via CSV.

Full breakdowns of cash positions

View cash positions by market, bank, entity, balance, or currency in a user-friendly summary that lets you drill down for more details.

Flexible sweeping rules

Set rules to automate top-ups and drawdowns with target balances, ensuring commitments are met and cash is used efficiently.

Consolidated cash reporting

Get a clear picture of your cash at any point in history. See in-depth summaries of current and historical balances and cash flow plus analysis of how they've evolved over time.

Advanced transaction search

All transactions are stored in a single place and quickly accessible through search. Find any transaction using 20+ parameters, including metadata, description, and counterparty.

Collaborate with control

Atlar works as a central hub for managing bank access rights and user roles, enabling teams to collaborate securely around financial data. Grant or revoke specific access levels to an individual or team in seconds and stay in control with immutable audit logs.

  • New users onboard securely in minutes
  • Granular user roles for the entire organization
  • 24/7 security support

In sync with NetSuite and internal systems

Atlar connects to your ERP with a no-code integration and to your internal systems via API, letting you eliminate manual work, reduce risks, and keep all systems in sync.

Secure authentication

Atlar customers can leverage built-in MFA to secure their accounts with an extra level of protection. Platform-wide support for SAML lets you leverage your existing single sign-on mechanism.

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