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Mission control for modern finance teams

Leave manual file transfers and bank logins behind with a central platform that lets you make payments and analyze cash in real time

The all in one money management platform

Manage cash, make payments, and automate reconciliation all in one place to save time and eliminate repetitive tasks. Atlar unifies your banks, ERP, payment providers, and finance tools in a central dashboard that gives you full visibility at a glance and lets you analyze trends and move money in seconds.

Outperform finance teams twice your size

Automate routine, low-value work to scale your team’s impact. Eliminate file transfers and multiple logins with payments, approval workflows, and simplified reconciliation all in a single platform. Atlar integrates directly with your banks and syncs reliably with your ERP, setting your team free to focus on what matters.

Get up and running in weeks, not months

Unlike traditional treasury management software built on outdated tech, Atlar is easy to implement and intuitive to use. Leverage a modern, cloud-native platform that connects to all of your finance tools in real time – minus the months of IT support, consultants, and dedicated personnel.

How Sellpy connected all bank accounts globally through Atlar, saving 60 hours / week

Europe’s leading service for second hand items and one of its fastest-growing scale-ups, Sellpy centralized its cash balances and transaction data in a single platform without needing to call on their in-house engineering team.

Track cash positions in real time

See 100% of your cash in one consolidated, global view with data received continuously from your banks, ERP, payment provider, and other finance tools in real time.

Move money from any bank account

Manage all your bank payments in one single dashboard that syncs with your ERP, no need for multiple logins. Minimize errors with built-in approval workflows and role-based access controls.

Analyze cash flow in seconds

User-friendly analytics features let you create custom reports from day one. Easily export your reports and save them as dynamic views that update automatically as new data is received.

Simplify reporting and reconciliation

Accelerate accounts payable and receivable processes with normalized bank and ERP data in one view. Invoices and transactions are automatically reconciled with your bank statements.

Ambitious finance teams choose Atlar

Innovative scale-ups and industry leaders use Atlar to automate manual work, move money in seconds, and make strategic decisions with complete data.

How Getmomo achieved a better rental experience in four weeks with Atlar
How Mynt achieved full treasury automation with Atlar
How Atlar helped Banxware launch new markets faster with payment automation and full cash visibility
How Lassie automated its payouts and reconciliation process in less than 1 week with Atlar
How Tilta integrated Atlar and automated its treasury operations in 3 weeks
How Atlar enables Gigapay to streamline the accounts payable process for the creator economy

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