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Atlar wins 13 G2 awards, as voted by treasury professionals
Published on 
March 6, 2024

How Getmomo achieved a better rental experience in four weeks with Atlar

“As we scale, we need infrastructure tools that scale with us. Atlar enables us to keep our teams focused on the parts of the product that add the most customer value. It provides the perfect balance between flexibility and reliability, enabling us to offer the best possible customer experience.”
Ross Kinmont
Chief Product Officer


Non-core work and legacy tooling hampered the team’s ability to innovate and scale

Headquartered in Berlin, Getmomo is well and truly shaking up how Germany’s real estate sector manages money with a growing portfolio of rental units managed through their platform. Around 30% of a property manager’s time is spent on repetitive, manual tasks which ultimately drives up costs for tenants too.

Treasury operations are unsurprisingly a key part of the way Getmomo simplifies the rental experience. Property managers can open a bank account, invite tenants, and manage deposits in a few clicks while accessing real-time reporting on payments and cash flow.

This requires a continuous flow of accurate, normalized bank data and that’s where things started to get tricky. Maintaining this in-house was manageable in the early days, but as the platform grew to absorb a non-trivial share of Germany’s rental market it became an ongoing headache for the team.

Being able to easily access bank data and move money was a prerequisite for a key upcoming product launch, so finding a solution and implementing it within weeks became a priority.

‘We wanted to leverage the interoperability of existing payment standards,’ says Ross, Chief Product Officer at Getmomo. ‘But we needed a solution that integrated seamlessly with our existing infrastructure without building complex file-based workflows and dealing with implementation discrepancies between banks.’


Taking control of money movement after implementing Atlar in a few short weeks

Ross and his team were tipped about Atlar from an existing customer as they researched ways to upgrade how they move and manage money.

‘We had aggressive timelines for this project, but we were pleasantly surprised by the speed of execution from Atlar,’ adds Ross. ‘We were able to go live in less than one month, enabling us to launch on time and meet our commitment to our customers.’

The Getmomo team partnered with Atlar to more easily access balance data and transactions across all their bank accounts while simplifying payment runs. Leveraging the platform’s existing bank connections without any extra engineering work meant the team could immediately turn these capabilities into a better customer experience.

What could’ve been a daunting, months-long integration was instead a quick, painless implementation that aligned with the Getmomo team’s appetite for lean, agile processes and their focus on product innovation.


Hours of back-office work saved and a strong foundation for continued growth

The ability to get up and running quickly with Atlar was key to Getmomo, and the platform’s built-in features are already saving the team hours of work on maintaining bank connections, troubleshooting, and error handling every week.

Atlar’s out-of-the-box bank connectivity enabled the team to focus on product innovation and growth without breaking step. Supported by their newfound ability to easily move and manage money, Getmomo launched a new deposit product for property managers within weeks of integrating with Atlar.

‘Before we were always at the mercy of multiple systems and had to do a lot of manual treasury work in-house,’ concludes Ross. ‘We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiency and pass those benefits onto our customers. Using a platform like Atlar allows us to keep evolving as we scale.’

Atlar helps Getmomo and other modern teams to manage cash and make payments more easily. To learn more, book a demo with the Atlar team.

Joel Wägmark
CPO and Co-founder

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