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Atlar wins 13 G2 awards, as voted by treasury professionals
Posted on 
July 3, 2024

Atlar voted top treasury system on G2 for ease of implementation, usability, and team adoption

Thanks to the support of our customers, Atlar has again been named a High Performer in Treasury Management Systems and Cash Flow Management in G2’s Summer 2024 reports. Additionally, Atlar is ranked first among treasury systems in almost all key categories including implementation, ease of use, adoption, and support.

Securing thirteen award badges in all, Atlar has received consistently high scores from verified users on G2, the popular user review platform for business software. Check out our reviews page to read some of what users are saying.

High Performer in two categories

Atlar has been named a High Performer because 100% of customers rated us 4 or 5 stars, 100% of customers believe we are headed in the right direction, and customers said they would be likely to recommend Atlar at a rate of 96%.

Atlar's top ranking is a result of high satisfaction ratings from real, verified users of the Atlar platform that outperformed those of other providers. Our highest-rated features, all with a score of 100%, are integration, data exchange, and data transfer.

Providing a modern, easy to implement, and easy to use alternative legacy treasury systems is what we’re all about at Atlar. We are lucky to work with some of the most ambitious finance and treasury teams around who help us improve the platform and our overall experience every day.

You can see all of the scores and award badges that Atlar has received on our user reviews page.

Most Implementable and Highest User Adoption

On top of the overall category ranking, G2 ranks treasury management systems on several key factors – all based on the reviews of verified users. 

In G2’s Implementation Index, Atlar received the highest score overall and was ranked first for ease of implementation and highest user adoption. The average time to go live with Atlar, as reported by verified users on G2, is 1.9 months compared to a category-wide average of 4.5 months.

In terms of average user adoption, Atlar reviewers gave us a score of 94% compared to a category-wide average of 78%. Ultimately, the success and ROI of implementing a new treasury system is measured in how well it’s used – so we’re thrilled to outperform the industry here.

Simplifying the implementation process for our customers is particularly important to us at Atlar and we’re delighted that this is recognized by our customers. Unlike many incumbent providers, Atlar manages the implementation end-to-end for our customers, removing the need for long engineering projects, consultant hours, and ongoing coordination with banks.

Easiest to Use

In G2’s Usability Index for treasury systems, Atlar was awarded Best Usability overall and ranked first by treasury professionals in every single category: Ease of Use (97%), Ease of Admin (94%), and Meets Requirements (97%).

Managing cash and payments can be complex enough without having to use a treasury system that’s hard to navigate. Some legacy systems even require dedicated team training before they can be put to work. We strive to make Atlar as easy to use as possible through the use of modern design principles and simple, fast interfaces.

It’s especially rewarding to see that customers recognize Atlar’s usability along with its ability to meet their requirements with robust products. To learn more about platform capabilities like sweeping rules and approval chains, see our feature overview.

Best Support

Atlar also ranked highly in G2’s Relationship Index for treasury management systems, placing first in Ease of Doing Business With and Quality of Support. In fact, verified reviewers gave Atlar a rating of 100% in both categories.

At Atlar we take great care to provide responsive, dedicated support. These metrics represent our commitment to our customers by listening, understanding their needs, and making improvements to suit their needs. If you’re open to discussing your treasury needs with our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Users Most Likely to Recommend

On top of our leading category rankings, we’re thrilled to be named the treasury system that users are most likely to recommend. Users are likely to recommend Atlar at a rate of 96% versus an industry-wide average of 90%.

Significantly, in G2's Satisfaction Ratings Atlar achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90 based on reviews by verified users on G2 – by far the highest of any treasury system and ten points higher than the second placed provider.

Reviews by verified users on G2 are important to us at Atlar because of the insights and feedback they provide on our platform and customer experience. Ultimately, our award badges matter only so far as we’re able to continue making Atlar customers happy – and this is where we’ll continue to focus all of our time and effort.

To learn more about how we help finance teams manage money, book a demo with our team or read some of our reviews for yourself, either on our G2 profile or here on our website.

Joel Nordström
CEO and Co-founder