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Automate busywork and centralize control

Use a single platform to move and manage money that syncs in real time with your banks, ERP system, internal tools, and payment providers.

A consolidated view of your cash in seconds

Atlar continuously receives and normalizes data from your banks and payment providers so you can monitor your cash positions in real time. Easily push data to ERPs like NetSuite, internal systems, or export via CSV.

Designed to let finance teams focus on what really matters

Custom approval workflows

Ensure full compliance with internal policies like the four-eyes principle by creating custom approval workflows and role-based access controls for all payments or specific subsets.

End-to-end automation

Automate payments from initiation to reconciliation with a click in NetSuite, an API call, or from the Atlar dashboard. Monitor any transaction in real time inside the dashboard or using webhooks.

Full breakdowns of cash positions

View cash positions by market, bank, entity, balance, or currency in a user-friendly summary that lets you drill down for more details.

Flexible sweeping rules

Set rules to automate top-ups and drawdowns with target balances, ensuring commitments are met and cash is used efficiently.

In sync with NetSuite and your internal systems

Atlar connects to your ERP with a no-code integration and to your internal systems via API, letting you eliminate manual work, reduce risks, and keep all systems in sync.

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Cash flow forecasting tools and reports inside the Atlar treasury dashboard