Programmable payments
at your bank accounts
Integrate our robust API in minutes, refine it in a production environment with complete test data in hours, and launch within days.
Turn-key global bank connectivity
Atlar connects to your banks via SFTP, EBICS or API with zero integration work required for you. Supporting payments and financial data reporting at all major European schemes, including SEPA, FPS, BACS, and giro.
Designed to let teams focus on their core business
Initiate and track payment statuses via API 
Initiate payments via API and track them in real-time via configurable webhooks until they are reconciled. All exception cases including rejects, non-sufficient funds, and returns are taken care of and automatically linked to the original payment.
API for harmonised financial data
Atlar continuously fetches and normalizes all your financial data from your bank partners, and makes it available via API. Configure webhooks or poll the API to receive new transactions as they are booked to your accounts.
Engineered for scale
Atlar processes over €500 million monthly transaction volume for companies across Europe. 99.9% uptime is guaranteed and the system has been tested rigorously to manage downtime or failures in third-party systems such as banks or ERPs.
Intuitive dashboard for finance
No need to spend engineering resources on supporting payment approval workflows, transaction search, cash pooling, or RBAC for bank access – this and more is provided by Atlar.
Enterprise-grade security
Atlar is built with security in mind using the highest privacy and security standards
GDPR Compliant
EU Located servers
99.9% uptime
All data is encrypted at rest and in transit
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Atlar dashboard, visualising the tabs: Home, Accounts, Transfers etc. Atlar Dashboard in tabet view.