Insurance companies, one of the use cases that the Atlar serves.


Simple premium collection and claims payouts

Insurance, one of the use cases that the Altar platform serves.
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The problem

Bank payments are critical for insurance companies – it is the standard way for collecting premiums and paying out claims. Orchestrating those payments and the related operations is hard because of the non-existent room for error and that customers today expect claims payouts to be received in near real-time.

The solution

Atlar enables insurers to use bank payments for premium collection & payouts with their existing bank, but without having to build out internal bank connections or large back-office teams.

Products & Benefits


Seamless premium collection

Direct Debits lets you set up direct debit mandates and execute debit pulls, enabling your customers to pay their premiums seamlessly.

Keep track of payments from your partners

Accounts enables you to monitor balances & transactions in real time across all your bank accounts and maintain a granular overview of treasury.

Smooth claims payouts

Credit Transfers allows you to build automated claims payout workflows with fully customizable approval chains and payment tracking.

Ready to get started?
Here’s how it works
Connect your bank
Together we’ll engage your bank in order to get your bank data and payment capabilities into Atlar.
Test in sandbox
Familiarise yourself with the Atlar API and Dashboard in our sandbox environment.
Once your bank is connected you will be able to access balances and transactions near real-time and orchestrate your bank payments via a single interface. It then takes just a few lines of code to integrate the Atlar API into your workflows.
Ready to get started?
Book a demo or read our API Docs to learn more
Atlar Dashboard with lights in the back.Atlar Dashboard.