Marketplaces, one of the use cases that the Atlar serves.


Orchestrate bank payments between buyers and sellers

Marketplaces, one of the use cases that the Altar platform serves.
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The problem

Marketplaces need to orchestrate payments between buyers and sellers, and while part of the payments are done via credit cards, bank transfers are critical for payouts & large ATV pay-ins. Lacking good solutions, marketplaces need to build out large internal operations teams or bank connectivity infrastructure to handle these bank transfers – creating unnecessary cost and risk.

The solution

Atlar makes it easy to handle bank payments through a platform designed with security and automation in mind.

Products & Benefits


Seamlessly process large ATV transactions

Accounts automatically reconcile pay-ins from buyers as they are credited to your bank account – enabling you to quickly pass that payment onto the seller.

Charge buyers

Direct Debits lets you charge buyers, with little to no friction, directly through your bank at a lower cost than if you go through a payment processor.

Secure payouts to sellers

Credit Transfers enables you to securely automate payouts to sellers on your marketplace.

Ready to get started?
Here’s how it works
Connect your bank
Together we’ll engage your bank in order to get your bank data & payment capabilities into Atlar.
Test in sandbox
Familiarise yourself with the Atlar API and Dashboard in our sandbox environment.
Once your bank is connected you will be able to access balances and transactions near real-time and orchestrate your bank payments via a single interface. It then takes just a few lines of code to integrate the Atlar API into your workflows.
Ready to get started?
Book a demo or read our API Docs to learn more
Atlar Dashboard with lights in the back.Atlar Dashboard.