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Stream bank data to Dynamics 365 in real time

Eliminate manual data entry and automate everyday workflows with Atlar’s native Dynamics 365 Business Central integration

Leave time-consuming file transfers behind

Enable continuous, cross-system data syncing instead of spending time to manually transfer bank statements or payment files. Let Atlar do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on higher-impact activities.

Streamline data flow to and from your banks

Securely connect banks, payment providers, and other systems in any market to your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central account using a central software layer that lets transactions flow smoothly.

Push data to Business Central with one click

Sync financial data to and from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central in real time with all formats normalized and predefined mapping rules to ensure 100% consistency.

Streamline payments

Simplify payment runs in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central by initiating automated payment workflows from Atlar, using your existing processes for invoice and supplier management.

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The Atlar dashboard including features for cash management, forecasting, and payments