Payments, one of the use cases that the Atlar serves.


A proven bank payments platform that lets you focus on your core business

Payments, one of the use cases that the Atlar serves.
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The problem

Bank payments are a key part for any payments company because of their flexibility and lower cost compared to card payments. However, since there are no good solutions for handling bank payments, companies need to scale back-office teams and build internal infrastructure for connecting to their banks' corporate access channels – at the expense of investing in their core business.

The solution

Atlar makes it seamless to handle bank payments by connecting directly to your existing banks and maintaining the payments infrastructure associated with that collection. You simply connect to Atlar’s API and build payment workflow automations that suit your needs.

Products & Benefits


Seamless debit payments

Direct Debits manages all file communication & complexity related to debiting accounts. It gives you direct access to the underlying debit scheme while giving you full ownership and control of the payer experience.

Secure and automated payouts

Transfers enables you to build payouts into your workflows, with fully customizable approval chains that ensures you follow your policies (e.g. four-eyes principle).

Fast and accurate reconciliation

Accounts instantly reconcile payouts, direct debits, and incoming transactions as they happen on your bank account.

Ready to get started?
Here’s how it works
Connect your bank
Together we’ll engage your bank in order to get your bank data & payment capabilities into Atlar.
Start testing
Familiarise yourself with the Atlar API and Dashboard in our sandbox environment.
Once your bank is connected you will be able to see your accounts, create payments, set-up customer approval rules in the dashboard, and integrate the Atlar API into your workflows with a few lines of code.
Ready to get started?
Book a demo or read our API Docs to learn more
Atlar Dashboard with lights in the back.Atlar dashboard with lights in the background,