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Financial connections

Connect all your banks and payment providers

Automate money movement and consolidate your financial data with full, real-time syncing between your banks, ERP system, and any other API-first system.

A consolidated view of your cash in seconds

Atlar continuously receives and normalizes data from your banks and payment providers so you can monitor your cash positions in real time. Easily push data to ERPs like NetSuite, internal systems, or export via CSV.

Global connectivity

Atlar connects to wherever you move and manage money, from your banks to ERP systems and payment providers.


Supporting major EBICS versions (2.5 and 3.0) and local variants in Germany, Switzerland, France, and other countries.


Supporting push- and pull-based direct host-to-host connectivity.


Connecting your payment service providers, neobanks, or modern bank offerings over API.


Connecting ERPs like NetSuite ensures payments and financial data flow between Atlar and your ERP.

File formats

SWIFT MT messages, ISO20022 XML files, local file formats such as giro files are all supported.

Domestic schemes

Supporting domestic schemes including SEPA, FPS, BACS, and giro payments.

Credit Suisse
Société Générale
JP Morgan
Danske Bank
Deutsche Bank
BNP Paribas

Connect your money, wherever you bank

Securely connect your banks, payment providers, and other systems in any market to one central software layer and ensure your transactions flow smoothly.

Automate payments from any bank or payment provider

By integrating with your financial providers directly, Atlar lets you to automate payments from initiation to reconciliation with an API call, a click in your ERP system, or from inside the dashboard.

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The Atlar dashboard including features for cash management, forecasting, and payments